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The top Oil & Gas Magazine comes to Russia

Open Systems Publishing, Moscow, has signed a licensing agreement to publish a Russian edition of the Oil & Gas Journal.

Published by the PennWell Corporation since 1902, it has been in print longer than any other periodical in the industry. The Oil & Gas Journal is the world's most authoritative source of information about
oil & gas.

Like the international edition, the Russian version will be aimed primarily at managers and engineers directly involved in various aspects of the oil & gas business ... including exploration, production, transportation, refining, petrochemical industry, as well as development and investment in the industry.



PennWell hat mit dem  Verlag Open Systems Publishing ... in dem u.a. auch russische Titel von Gruner & Jahr erscheinen ... eine Lizenzabkommen über die Herausgabe einer russischen Ausgabe des Oil & Gas Journal geschlossen. 

Die internationale Ausgabe des Oil & Gas Journal erscheint seit 1902 und erreicht heute über 108.000 zahlende Bezieher. Das Journal ist in der weltweiten Öl- und Gas-Industrie mit deutlichem Abstand die meistgelesene Zeitschrift. 

Oil & Gas Journal Russia wendet sich wie die Originalausgabe an Manager und Ingenieure in Exploration, Drilling, Production, Pipeline / Transport, in Raffinerien und in der Petrochemie.


Editorial contact
Eugene (Yevgeny) Khartukov is Chairman of the editorial board. 

Prof. Khartukov is a leading international expert on Russian and exSoviet oil and gas issues. He has authored and co-authored over 250 articles, brochures and books on petroleum and energy economics, politics, management, and Russian's Far East. Participating as a speaker an/or a session chairman in more than 165 international energy, oil and gas and economic fora.

Editorial contact: Natalya Petrow - 



Editorial subjects

Exploration & Development
of oil & gas deposits
Drilling & Production
Onshore & Offshore
Transportation / Pipelines
Refining / Gas Processing
Petrochemical Industry
Calender of Events
International Business


Monatlich / monthly Themenplan 2009
Editorial calendar 2009
Circulation/Basis-Auflage: 10.000  
Volume/Basis-Umfang: 128 pages - 4c 

Type of business: 

    45% Oil & Gas Operations
    20% Engineering & Consulting
    20% Service & Supply

Company Operations:

    10% Exploration
    35% Drilling & Production
    20% Pipelines / Transportation
    20% HP Processing


    15% Executives
    20% Managers
    20% Technical Executives
    40% Engineers



Advertising rates (4c rates)

    1/1 Seite:  EUR 6.090 
    1/2 Seite:  EUR 3.700  
    1/3 Seite:  EUR 2.560
    1/4 Seite:  EUR 2.030


    2 and more ads:  5% discount
    4 and more ads: 10% 
    6 and more ads: 15% 
    8 and more ads: 20% 

Advertising agency commission: 15%


Rate Card 2009
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